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Craft Adventure – Dying Yarn with Food Coloring

I have always wanted to try dying wool! I enjoy making yarn with my spinning wheels and spindles, so I thought it would be fun to try dying some of my handspun.  I do not have professional dyes at the moment, and the koolaid I bought to dye with has long been mixed and consumed… Continue reading Craft Adventure – Dying Yarn with Food Coloring


Bad Puppies

I have two little Chihuahua/Shih-tzu mix puppies named Brody and Julliette.  They are Brother and Sister, believe it or not. I know they look cute and all, but they are baaaad puppies.  They have learned to dig under the back yard fence and escape to the wide open reaches of our suburban neighborhood.  Little stinkers….so, in… Continue reading Bad Puppies