Ergonomic Crochet Hook Roundup: Part 1


Hello my Crochet Peeps (can you hear my teens in the background saying “MOM! Don’t say ‘Peeps’!!)

The fact that I have teenage children is no secret here on this blog.  But you may not know that I have a 30 year old daughter, as well as 28 and 26 year old sons.  So I am no spring chicken.

Because of my age and the history of arthritis in my family, I have been doing what I can to protect my hands. I take joint supplements, have learned some hand stretches to help keep my wrists loose and cramp free, and I have invested in a few different types of ergonomic crochet hooks.

In part one of this series, I am going to discuss some of the Furls type hooks you can purchase online or in stores.

Furls crochet hooks are beautiful tools. They have excellent reviews for quality and customer service.  I did not include them in my review at this time because their price is prohibitive for me and I originally started this journey in hopes of finding some less expensive, but effective ergonomic hooks.

All of the hooks I am reviewing in this article are ‘teardrop’ hooks.  The intention of the teardrop shape is to conform to the MCP joint of our hand so that we can more comfortably grip and work with our hooks.  I have found that, for me, this shape is much more comfortable and I am able to work for longer periods of time.    The photo below illustrates the MCP and multiple hand joints.  I can see why so many of us crocheters get ourselves into trouble when we work long hours with our yarn and hooks.


Courtesy of Eorthopod.com
Courtesy of Eorthopod.com









I began my search at one of the big box craft stores in my area.  Michaels and AC Moore have ergonomic hooks but none with the shape I was looking for. I found these Yarnology Hooks at Hobby Lobby.










These hooks are made of acrylic and come in sizes J thru Q.  They range in price from $5.99 to $9.99, depending on what size you buy.  I have a green size N hook,  like the one pictured above.  I have been using it for the last month on a couple projects and it is very comfortable to use and works well with my chunky to bulky yarns.  I would love to see these in the smaller sizes, but they don’t seem to be offering those at this time. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you would certainly be able to order them in their online store.  I also want to mention that Hobby Lobby has the largest selection of crochet hooks I have ever seen, including many other types of ergonomic hooks.

But where can I find teardrop hooks in the smaller sizes?  Etsy!

These super-cute leopard print and sheep themed hooks from The Clay Bean Co. are fashioned from polymer clay, baked, and then hand painted.  I had a tough time choosing between all the lovely hooks in this shop. These two are just adorable! Both are in the $20 range with shipping.  Kelli was awesome to work with and shipped my hook in a little over a week.  Why, Hello Leopard Print! I need you in my life!






Here is another clay hook in the teardrop shape from  Freckled Yarn Ball…isn’t it darling?!  This hook is comfy-cozy as well, and Jenny Gonzales makes some marvelous themed hooks, individual and sets, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney, to name a few…. This hook was $20 with shipping. I received my hook after about 4 weeks, due to order backups. I think I was on a list of about 70 orders, which tells you how popular she is.  Totally worth it, though.  So if you order from her, be prepared to wait for your hook.  She does a good job of keeping everyone updated in her shop announcements as well as Instagram and other social networking sites.


Harry Potter Hooks


Both of these hooks have been wonderful to work with.  They are well made and I have had no problems with either one.  Both shops offer hooks in all sizes, both Inline (Susan Bates) and Tapered (Boye) styles.  This photo illustrates the difference in hook styles:










So, if you are looking for a great way to make hours of crochet work more comfortable at a reasonable price, check out these options. I do want to say that, no matter what type of hook you choose to use, be sure to take breaks often.  This is supposed to be fun and relaxing, remember?  Comment below with other Ergo hooks you like. I am always in the market!


3 thoughts on “Ergonomic Crochet Hook Roundup: Part 1

  1. Just read your beautiful blog post and I just wanted to take he time to say Hank you for the kind words and the beautiful review of Freckled Yarn Ball!! So glad you love your hook!!

  2. Just read your beautiful blog post and I just wanted to take he time to say thank you for the kind words and the beautiful review of Freckled Yarn Ball!! So glad you love your hook!!

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