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Best Shawl In A Ball Crochet Patterns

I just purchased my first ball of Lion Brand’s Shawl In A Ball. I went to my local JoAnn expecting to find it there, but the sales staff seemed unfamiliar with this yarn. \What?  So I called A.C. Moore. They had some in the back that had just come in. They had not set up the display, but the nice lady allowed me to go through the box and pick a color I liked. We both ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the lovely colors!  I chose ‘Community Coral’.   I had a few patterns in mind but settled on ‘Lizard‘ by Jasmin Rasanen.


Normally, I am not a big fan of boucle yarns. In the swatch photo above, you can see the composition of the yarn and how it looks worked up in single crochet with the recommended J/10 crochet hook.  It is 58% cotton, 39% acrylic, and 3% other fiber and has a slightly fuzzy texture.  I want to note that I have had very little trouble pulling stitches out, despite the fuzziness.  There are 8 colorways and each ball boast a full 518 yards (473 m) !

I began my Lizard in earnest and was soon confident I would have no trouble finishing my project with the one ball I purchased.  I have been impressed with the drape and color intensity in this yarn…Making this Lizard shawl has been truly addictive!   Just look at these colors!

Lizard Shawl in progress
Lizard Shawl in progress


My Lizard Shawl is finished and pictured below with my picks for Best Shawl In A Ball Crochet Patterns.  I have chosen shawls that will best showcase the color changes and drape of this lovely yarn!

PicMonkey Collage

Here they are, starting on the left, moving clockwise:

  1. “Lizard” by Jasmin Rasanen – Crocheted by Me! (ravlink)
  2. “Tunisian Wingspan” by Amy Depew – Pictured shawl crocheted by Ragachu (ravlink)
  3. “Virus” by Julia Marquardt – Pictured shawl crocheted by Pajamaartist (ravlink)

I hope you have as much fun with your Shawl In A Ball as I did!  Be sure to post your Shawl In A Ball projects on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #shawlinaball and #rainydaystitches, so I can see what your are making!  Follow me on Instagram @angelarae63 and on Twitter @yarnmaniac!  If you have other suggestions for great patterns to make with Shawl In A Ball, be sure to comment below.

Thanks for reading, and Crochet On!

4 thoughts on “Best Shawl In A Ball Crochet Patterns

  1. Hi. I am just wondering what size hook you used for your virus shawl. I love the shawl in a ball yarn and am looking for different patterns to use with this yarn. I love your virus shawl and your lizard shawl! I am still new to crochet and I am never sure which size hook would be best. If you can let me know what size you used for your virus shawl I would really appreciate it!!

    1. Replied to your question above. Also, the virus shawl pic in my blog is not the one I made. It is from Pajamaartist on Ravelry. She used Restful Rainbow and a size I-9 hook, as well. I’m glad you mentioned this. I need to add that info to my blog! Hope you enjoy making your virus shawl. There is a series of youtube video’s that would be very helpful. She does a step-by-step tutorial.

  2. Hi.
    I love your lizard shows and your virus shawl. I was wondering what size hook you used for your virus shawl. I am still new to crochet and I am never sure what size to use. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ginnette! For the virus shawl, I used a size I. That size seems to work very well for me when I am using Shawl In A Ball. But, you should make a gauge swatch before you make your shawl. Try an size I-9 and see what you think of the fabric you make with that hook. Then get a larger hook if it feels too stiff or a smaller hook if it feels too loose. I hope that helps! Happy Crocheting!

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