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Happy New Year 2014

Hello, Everyone! I just wanted to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year!
Mine has started well and I am happy to report that I have accomplished many tasks for my first day of this new year and am very pleased that it has started so well.  Fingers crossed that this kind of success will continue!
I have also gotten myself into a little bit of trouble…you see, over on Instagram, some of my photo buddies have brainstormed a new project idea for 2014. It is called a crochet mood blanket.
Here’s how it works; participants are to crochet one granny square per day in a color that reflects their mood for the day, joining squares as they go.  I, of course, have been talked into participating…see, my box of yarn bits, hooks and notions is ready to go…..

Crochet Mood Blanket granny squares

And my first two squares are done and joined…..

crochet mood blanket granny squares

See what I mean?….trouble…I have many projects in the works, so I’m feeling a little foolish for starting this one, yet, I simply could not resist the idea of doing one small crochet square each day which could ultimately turn into a lovely blanket.
I cannot promise that I will make all 365, my life has a tendency to stray into the crazy at times. But, I do promise to give it my best try, and what fun that will be, yes?
I am using Red Heart Supersaver, as I have the more of it in my stash than any other yarn.  I am crocheting 3-round squares and using soft white for the edging.  I have 2 skeins of it and should have no trouble buying more whenever I need it.
I do think I need a few more colors, though, don’t you?