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Upcoming Workshop

In preparation for my upcoming workshop on September 21st at Downtown Knits, I have been working on some snuggly Granny Square slippers. For these, I chose Liberty Wool by Classic Elite.  This yarn has vibrant colors in fairly long repeats, so it lends itself well to striped and multicolor projects like this one.  I sat in the sunshine most of Sunday afternoon and worked on my squares….

And made them into these lovelies….

I much prefer these to the ones I made previously for my mother, mainly because these are wool. Mom still loves hers, though.
Each slipper requires 6 squares, stitched together with single crochet. You can find instructions at the Purlbee Blog. They can be made larger by simply adding an extra round to each granny square or for a small child, by eliminating one of the rounds for each square. The versatility of size and color make these a great gift choice for the upcoming holiday season and it’s never too early to start!