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…like I need one. But then, who does…at least, a little fewer of them might be helpful. But let’s face it. I am, by nature, easily distracted. It’s who I am, but I can’t help wanting a little more order in my life.
I couldn’t really sleep, so I have thus far spent my waking hours with my new toy….

I even learned a different technique to make the center. There are several videos for various kinds of centers at and they are all reasonably simple. This one is called a back stitch center. I did two rounds…

Emma and I are probably going to make more of these…would like to make a small throw.  We’ll see! In the meantime,  I have started a knitting project and it is one of my least favorite techniques…colorwork. But, since this one is a simple slip stitch technique, in only two colors, it isn’t so bad.

Of course, this can be done in other colors, but, imho, black and white are the most elegant.