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Tunisian Lace

I like to try out new stitch patterns with cotton yarn, making a dishcloth. I am making a good size swatch, and have something useful, in the end.  Here’s a tunisian lace stitch I wanted to try.  It works well as a dishcloth, so I made it in 2 colors.
It’s a pretty simple pattern. Kristen Omdahl demonstrated it on Knitting Daily, but there is no video available, so I’ve written it up, as best I can. Please comment if it isn’t clear. I am assuming some knowledge of Tunisian crochet.  I used a size J-10 Tunisian crochet hook and Peaches and Cream solids yarn.
Ch. 25
1.Draw up a loop in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across (forward pass).
2.Yo and draw through one loop on hook. [YO and
through 2 loops]; across. (return pass)
3.[Yo, skip one stitch, pick up a loop in next stitch]; across
4.Repeat row 2 (RP)
5.[pick up a loop in next yo space, pick up a loop in next stitch];across.
6. Return pass (row 2)
Repeat rows 3-6 until piece is desired length.

*Here’s a pretty good video to get you started in Tunisian Crochet, in case you’ve never tried it.  You can practice with a regular crochet hook as long as you don’t use too many stitches!

I just ordered Kim Guzman’s book on Tunisian Lace Crochet.  It looks fabulous, and includes a DVD. I can’t wait to get it!

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