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So, what a month March was for me.  You know how life can be.  Lot’s of things can happen that you do not expect.  I had a month like that.  I watched a biography of Margaret Mitchell, author of ‘Gone With The Wind.’  She said that, when she was a young girl, she complained to her mother about school work, or something. She said that her mother put her in a buggy and drove her around Atlanta to show her ruins of houses and plantations that had been destroyed during the Civil War.  Her mother told her that these people had lived in such a secure world and that it had come crashing down around them, and God help her if she didn’t have something about her to stand up to it. That struck me. This did happen to me, not once, but twice during my lifetime. My anchor has been God and my love for the needle arts (I believe this is God’s gift) which grant me some peace, whatever my situation. I mean this in that I can always find some happiness, serenity, with my yarn projects. They have gotten me through a lot.  So, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy yarn, which is kind of the same thing….
With my own version of ‘March Madness,’ I did not have much time for my blog, social media, or designing,  though I do have some ideas…those never seem to stop.  But that doesn’t mean I put down my hook or needles. No, indeed, I did complete a project….

This is the ‘Have A Heart Shawl’ by Joyce Nordstrom.  You can find it here, free.  I used a J-10 Hook and a Gi-Normous ball of Red Heart Super Saver, plus some extra I had in my stash.  It is perfect for use around the house, which I intended it for. I made mine one pattern repeat shorter, which worked out well for me. It also is not too long for Emma and she likes to wear it in church to keep from catching a chill. This pattern was easy to memorize and I was able to carry it with me to work on whenever I wanted a distraction in waiting rooms.

Also, I joined CGOA back in January.  I submitted my application to be approved as an Associate Professional and in March, I received my approval, so I am on my way to Professional status. With CGOA Associate Professional status, I can be paired with a professional mentor, an invaluable benefit.  There are also other great benefits, so, if you love crochet, I encourage you to join. 
I am looking forward to a quiet April.  At least, a somewhat less eventful one.  I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful Spring and Summer! God is Good. He truly is.

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  1. You're right, I believe all of our crafts are gifts from God; since He's the ultimate Creator, I really think He likes it when we're creative, too.

    Congrats on making it into CGOA! I keep wanting to join the knitting equivalent, so maybe when I have more money and more time…

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