That’s me…up to my ears in socks. But, I’m having a blast:) Things continue to work out well with the sock knitters, and I feel great about that, but haven’t heard back from Knit Picks that they are happy with the estimated completion date.
Meanwhile….I did squeeze in a liiiiiitle time for this….

Which turned into this…..

Which, I promise you, will turn into a nifty little project that requires less than 125 yards. This is laceweight (for the most part) singles. I measured the yardage by measuring the circumference of the back of one of my ladder back chairs, 32 inches. Then, I unwound the spindle around said chair, counting the ‘wraps’ as I went. I got 140 wraps + a little more. 140 multiplied by 32 equals 4480 inches, divided by 36 is 125 yards. So, I have 125 yards of lace singles. I think I can make a nice little lace scarflette out of it, too. In fact, I plan to make a couple more hand spun projects for my other two sample batts. I’ll be sharing those as well.
In the meantime, back to the socks…..

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