I received an email Tuesday from Stacey at Knit Picks. They have accepted the Ornamental sock pattern for their IDP program! I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have 3 wonderful ladies test knitting the sock right now, and I will hopefully be receiving yarn support very soon. I had already written this pattern from notes, but, it turns out there are plenty of issues that need correcting. Test knitting has already proven itself to be invaluable. I spent yesterday and this morning casting on the large sock from my pattern and knitting the heel turn and gusset. I have made some modifications, too. My original pattern included extra stitches that, in retrospect, I may not need. So I reworked the heel (for the size lg. only) and I think I like it some better. For now, it’s looking like we’ll need one chart for the front and one chart for the back of the leg, but maybe not. We’ll see.
I also have another pattern I am working on for the fall, a neck warmer, another sock pattern, a hat pattern, and an idea for a crocheted neck warmer….I could go on, but why? Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

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