This is the first full spindle of yarn that I have spun and I am just thrilled. There might be 25 yards here, but it might as well be 250. I love it! I spun it with my Turkish spindle. I wound it onto the back of one of my ladderback chairs today and washed it and hung it to dry to set the twist. I think it looks just gorgeous! The plan is to spin the rest of the roving that I have and ply it with this, or maybe, I’ll need to leave it as singles so that I have enough to knit or crochet myself a nice little accessory. I wish I could tell you something about this fiber. I bought it from a local yarn shop by the ounce. The shop owner told me it would be a good fiber for me to start with and I know that it is wool, but beyond that, I am not sure of the breed or whether it is top or something else. Maybe some of you who are more experienced can tell me what it is?