Spinning Fetish

Fetish: noun: an excessive or irrational devotion to some activity.

I got a Knit Picks Turkish spindle for Christmas this year. I didn’t want it at first. I wanted one of those fancy, handmade spindles that could spin lace weight yarn. I had used a heavier one before, but I could only spin a thicker yarn and eventually, the shaft split where the hook was, so, if I wanted to continue spinning, I had to get another spindle. A wheel was out of the question as they were expensive and would take up space in our modest little house. I did get the Knit Picks spindle. I used it as a bottom whorl (Turkish) spindle. Let me tell you, I love it. It spins beautifully and, because it is so light, I can spin very thin yarn. I had so much fun spinning just a simple merino combed top, that I cannot wait to spin up the grab bag I just ordered from McMullin Fiber Co on Etsy! Doesn’t this fiber look yummy? I hope it gets here soon. I am determined to spin enough yarn to actually knit or crochet something. Unfortunately, someone sat on my spindle and broke it so I had to order another and it is on it’s way. Sigh….huge itching to spin yet no fiber or spindle:(