Busy Week

Just spent a few minutes cleaning up the appearance of the Dublin pattern. So sorry that it was a bit disorganized. I changed my posting options on Blogger and did not realize it had completely rearranged the pattern as I had written it. It is fixed now, and I hope, much more readable. I had a long weekend of painting and shopping for Em’s birthday. (Tomorrow..Happy Birthday, Emma!) I also started writing out the hat pattern for a certain mag’s call for submissions. Pretty easy, just need to finish knitting the pattern so I can send it off. It will be a challenge this week, as I have three 4am resets, a doctor appt for DH, and Emma’s Birthday party. I also have my regular job. Yikes! Oh Yeah, and a house appraisal for which we are trying to make little repairs. Please say a prayer for me, as I am also praying God will give me energy and uncommon organizational skills to pull all of this off. Only He could get me through this:)