Lavender, Roses and Filet

This is my first filet crochet project, a bookmark for Emma. I really enjoyed doing this. I used this tutorial from Kim Guzman. Kim makes everything easy to understand:) She also had a free alphabet set, capital and lower-case letters included. In the end, my piece was not wide enough to use her letters, so I improvised and free-handed, using them as a guide. I think it looks pretty nice, and Emma loves it. That’s all I care about, really. I feel the need to refine my work, as some of the stitches don’t seem to be as neat as I would like, but maybe this will come with experience. The edging for this is a simple but effective one. I learned this from a Doris Chan scarf and I have seen it in other projects as well. I started by turning at the end of the last row, ch 4, treble crochet in same stitch, skip next dc, slip st in next dc, rep., around. Worked perfectly! Now, to plan my next filet project!