Greetings from the New River Inlet in Coastal Carolina! We are taking a much-needed vacation here on the North Carolina Coast. The little camper we are staying in, Little Gem, is right on the waters of the New River, just before it flows into the Atlantic ocean. This is a picture of sweet Emma as she walks along the shore. She and Will are having a blast. We had a big day of fishing at the North Topsail Pier, Monday. We caught more than 20 mullet. There was a large crowd there, lined all the way up one side of the pier, hoping to pull in a few along with the rest of us. Big fun! Will caught 10 of our total catch and was very proud:) We have also logged a few games of pool in the arcade/laundry and spent ample time on the surf, doing a little casting, but not too much swimming or boogie board-ing, as the water is still too cold. Oh…and the shops are fun, too. Lots of cute little trinkets and interesting gadgets, but no yarn. Oh well! Still, it is peaceful and relaxing enough, that I never want to leave. I think I need at least another week of this, don’t you?