New Header

Well, I am mighty proud of myself. Forgetting that I did this spending half the day in my pajamas and accomplishing nothing else, I created the new blog banner you see above! I used this tutorial and my Picasa Photo software. I think it came out great. Maybe, now that I have done this successfully once, I will be able to create another banner for my Etsy shop with little effort. I hope so. I have other projects that need my attention, for example, a sock pattern that I have been working on forever, but am determined to complete this weekend. There are also a couple of other patterns I have been tinkering with and need to get to. My poor computer looks like this:

I have an ancient and slow computer and it takes a loooong time to create charts, write patterns, etc…. But, until I make my fortune, I won’t be able to get a new one, so I continue to plug along. Here, I am laboring to make a chart for the stitch pattern you see here. But, thanks to Wendy Johnson’s tutorial and the neat-o knit fonts I got from ARDesign, I did make a chart for the pattern. I am happy with it, too, and with just about everything else in this pattern, except that my .pdf conversion software isn’t transferring links from the Word document to the .pdf file. I really want the tutorial links to work.

For now, I am knitting this pair you see pictured here from the charts and patterns I’ve written.
So far, so good. I will be selling this pattern, called “Ornamental,” very soon. So look for it:)