Le Sac

I am very happy with this! This stitched up very quickly and is functional, to boot. Here’s what I used:

~Sugar and Cream 100 percent cotton yarn: Ecru and Barnyard Twist

~Boye size H-8 aluminum hook

As far as the wedge shaping goes, turns out I could pretty much get the shape I was going for in this bag by starting with an oval base. I also like the way the simple details at the bottom and top of this tote balance it out. As far as the pattern goes, I’ll share that over the weekend. Too much work to do, both stitching and with my ‘day job.’ Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Le Sac

  1. Hi Angela! So happy to see you at Tangled Happy. You have so many pretty things posted here. Your knitting is gorgeous. I have not tried knitting yet but think I will give it a go eventually. Your lunch bag looks perfect!

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