Tam Times Two

Would someone please tell me why I thought I could knit a tam (albeit a lace tam) with only 123 yards of wool? Shouldn’t I know better? Shouldn’t alarms have gone off? I mean, I know the mistake I made…using Ravelry, I looked at several of the projects knit in Swish DK and, picked the first one listed. Under the category Yarn Used, the knitter entered ‘Swish DK,’ but under the How Much? listing, they entered ‘1 skein=110 yds,’ so I foolishly thought, “Oh! Okay, so I need one skein of each color to knit two tams. Even though, the yarn amount actually needed was listed clear as day on the pattern page. Gheesh! Guess I’ll have to order more yar…no,I’ll have to wait a week to get paid, then order more yarn, then wait for said yarn to arrive, then finish the hats. I have only myself to blame. Hopefully, I’ll have enough common sense to order another skein of *each* color when that time arrives. (228 yards is the magic number needed, by the way)

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