Two of Many First’s

Specifically, this is my first time knitting with anything Rowan as well as my first time knitting with mohair. The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze, color 582/Trance. I have wanted to knit something with it ever since I read about it in Leigh Radford’s ‘One Skein.’

The pattern is from ‘One Skein Wonders: 101 Yarn Shop Favorites,’ by Judith Durant. There are instructions for adding beads, but I don’t understand them. Maybe one of you can help me with that. The rest is super easy. Hope I can finish this by Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Two of Many First’s

  1. Looks lovely. I see why they call it Haze. I really like the color. I’m interested to see what it will become. I haven’t seen the book yet.

  2. Oy – I’m afraid I’m of no help concerning the beads, haven’t ever worked with that – but you’ll get a lot of help from the ladies here, that’s for sure!
    I love working with mohair occasionally – wouldn’t enjoy it always, but for a change it’s so great – and your project is already looking so soft and fluffy that I want to dive right into it!

  3. I love the colour. KSH is one of my favourite Rowan Yarns, as a little goes a long way.

    I usually put beads on as follows:
    First of all thread all the beads that you’ll need on to the wool (this can be done by finding a needle small enough to go through the beads, threading sewing cotton through, and tying in a loop. Then thread the wool through this loop of sewing cotton and start threading beads).

    To place a bead in the knitting, simply bring the yarn to the front, push a bead down close to the knitting, slip a stitch purlwise and bring the yarn to the back of the work again. You are effectively wrapping the bead round a slipped stitch.

    I hope that makes some sort of sense!

  4. Very pretty color and yarn! It looks very delicate. I have never knit with mohair, but it certainly looks nice to knit with 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

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