Already Figured That Out, Did ‘Ya?

Here are some things that you probably already figured out about me….

1. I’m hopelessly optimistic: that is to say, I start things, completely convinced that it will be simple enough, and then realize that I am not up to the task. Maybe there’s a better word for that….

2. I start projects with excitement, and sometimes procrastinate or do not finish them at all.

3. I have a tendency to be somewhat unrealistic, maybe even having grandiose ideas about myself. This may explain the extensive Christmas knitting list I started in October and drastically cut a couple days before Christmas. Occasionally, I get lucky and successfully knit something despite this flaw in thinking. I know you are glad to see it when I do. “Finally! Some knitting pics!”

4. I become overwhelmed at times and have to back away from things, give myself some space, until I figure out what the hell my problem is. I think, sometimes, others may think I have forgotten about them or just don’t care…not so. I’m just weird that way.

Isn’t it funny how we do these things to ourselves…everyone around us can see it, but we cannot? Thank God for Friends:)


3 thoughts on “Already Figured That Out, Did ‘Ya?

  1. Oy! I *so* hear you! We could be long lost sisters, you know? Every sentence you wrote today had me nodding my head in agreement – oh yesss, I know that 😉

  2. Count me in on a long lost sister as well. Especially #4! I just wrote one of my friends and told her that I did love her, but was so overwhelmed with life, that I seemed to be pulling back. You have it right, thank God for friends.

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