New Year, New Obsession?

I don’t know, ladies. I really am enjoying this new spindle. I wrote previously about my growing interest in learning to spin. When I visited my lys, Shuttles, Needles and Hooks, Carol presented the wheels she had for sale and offered to teach me to spin. She said that she thought I should try a spindle first, to experience working with the wool, before I actually bought an expensive wheel. She also advised me to practice only 15 minutes per day until I got the hang of it, lest I develop bad habits. I didn’t ask her to explain specifically what the ‘bad habits’ are, but I have found that I have been able to improve with each attempt at spinning with the spindle and have yet to become the least bit frustrated. I am using a roving I bought from her to practice with. It is the pink wool you see pictured here. I would say that the yarn that I have spun so far is anywhere between lace weight to worsted and is becoming more consistently worsted as I practice. I could use some helpful links to gauge my progress. Also, I think I may need to visit Carol again for more instruction:)

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Obsession?

  1. I’m going to be anxiously waiting for more posts on your spinning. For now I have to live vicariously through you. I would love to learn to spin….

    happy knitting and Spinning 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your spinning looks great! Isn’t it fun??? I’m sending you an email with the links that were helpful to me when I started spinning.

  3. You’re doing exceptionally well with your spindling – I remember thinking I needed at least one more set of arms, and my yarn was really lumpy. Connie Delaney’s little book Spindle Spinning from Novice to Expert really helped.

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