My blog is going to look like crap for a while….

At least until I make all the necessary adjustments with the new Blogger. I can see some advantages to the changes that have been made, and, so far, I haven’t run into anything that is too much of a pain. (other than trying to add a break between page elements) Anyhoo, thanks for your patience. I should have things back to normal in a day or so.


4 thoughts on “My blog is going to look like crap for a while….

  1. I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of the new blogger.
    I’ve bene thinking aobut switching, but might wait until I have no choice!

  2. Your blog looks fine. I’m waiting to switch my blog over too. I did start a new blog for my knitting gallery to try the new blogger out. So far what I have seen I like, but I’m a little afraid to move my main one over.
    Did it switch over easily or did you have to tweek anything?

    happy blogging and knitting 🙂

  3. I definitely want to read more soon. By the way, rather good design you have at that site, but how about changing it from time to time?

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