Early Christmas Present

Lovely, lovely hand painted, superwash merino. I will have to find an extra-special sock pattern for this yarn. The picture really does not do it justice. This is from Three Waters Farm in Carrboro, N.C. The color is called Mediterranean and I also got another color called Forest Floor with beautiful browns and mossy greens. Of course, the rub is that I have too much Christmas knitting to get to it right now. Patience….must have patience!


2 thoughts on “Early Christmas Present

  1. That yarn is gorgeous. I keep telling myself, “must knit Chritstmas presents,” I don’t listen very well, even to myself. You must have great will power.

  2. This yarn looks *so* yummy, it must be heaven to work with! I’m very curious already to see what pattern you’ll be choosing for it!
    Happy Holidays, my friend!

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