North Carolina State Farmer’s Market

Lovely, lovely fresh fruits and veggies. I love visiting the Farmer’s Market here in Raleigh, even when I don’t buy much. There are so many interesting things to see. Check it out:)

This is called a ‘Lasagne’ Quilt…not sure why.

Felted hats for $55.00. (Yikes!)

This little guy is carved with a chainsaw. Neato:)

You know how I love flowers. These are Mums, hanging baskets of mums…2/$20…not bad:)

‘Kay, ya’ll…that’s enough of the blabbin’ and the picture takin’…I’m goin’ home and cook some collards…where’s the pepper vinegar?

7 thoughts on “North Carolina State Farmer’s Market

  1. Wait, is that a farmer’s market for the whole dang state (how do you like my casual use of southen slang there?), or a farmer’s market located on the campus of a school called NC State, or — ??

    Maybe I’m boggled by the thought of a farmer’s market for the whole dang state (there it is again) since I live in such a ginormous state.

  2. I love the farmers market. My guess on the quilt is the shape of the pieces is where it gets it’s name. The blocks are shaped like lasagna noodles.

    Pricey hats!

  3. FYI, re: Name of the NC State Farmer’s Market. Honestly, that’s what it is called. There are 90 some odd Farmers markets in various countys and towns around our state The N.C. State FM is run by the state of North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture *and* is located on land owned by N.C. State University. A State appointed Commissioner oversees the running of this market. Hope that helps. Link for info is:


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