‘Tis The Season

So I am thinking about the ramifications of knitting gifts with a deadline. I guess there is no other way to do it, is there? Unless you are like Nony and have beaucoups of time to knit up adorable baby sweaters for the next one that comes along. (I think she does this as experiment, to try new techniques, etc…God, I envy her!) Anyhoo, having several things to knit for Christmas gifts, and knowing that many of you also have this challenge before you, I thought it may be helpful to come-up with a short list of quick projects for gift knitting. Here are some links and sources for a few quickies I have come across and hope to knit, from my stash, too, if possible. Here they are:

  1. Cell Phone Cozy – I have knit this one ladies…comes out very nice. Choose an ornamental button and you have a really nice gift. I knit one up in less than one hour. (don’t forget to factor-in felting and blocking time) FYI-would work for iPod’s, too!
  2. Lace wrist cuff (Perdita) at Knitty. Very nice and not too expensive. They have the thread at Michaels and A.C. Moore. Knitty.
  3. Speaking of Knitty…Fetching. Enough said. Awsome knit and done in less than two days.
  4. Interweave Knits Holiday Knits…Boudoir Socks (to die for), Camel Hair neck thingy (I can just see the look on my lys store owners face when I ask her for Camel Hair yarn), cable wrist warmers/fingerless gloves/gauntlets…whatever you want to call them, Spiral Hat (very pretty).
  5. Java Sleeves –(Pictured above, from Magknits) very cool, very quick and fun to knit – good stash yarn project (and especially that novelty eyelash yarn lots of us have hanging around in our stash.) Know anyone who frequents Starbucks? Here’s their gift. Give it on a Starbucks cup with a SB gift certificate.
  6. Mason Dixon warsh rags…many people seem to be able to knit these up very quickly. I am not one of those people. The yarn costs about $3, depending where you get it.
  7. One Skein, by Lee Radford: Fingerless Garter Mits, Cable Footies, Gaiter (p.37), The Clutch.

Please add your suggestions, links to quick patterns, etc….’Tis the Season.(to panic, that is!) Hope this helps.


6 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season

  1. Great list! I’m in the throes of madly knitting square no. 15 out of 16 for a baby blanket, for a shower on Sunday. Think they’ll understand if I give them a pile of squares and a promise that it will be a blanket when it grows up? No?! Darn it all.

  2. Have you tried 1 strand of ribbon yarn with 1 strand of brushed alpaca or mohair on 12mm needles? 2-3 hours and you have a warm and fashionable scarf. Easy-peasy but nice yarns works out expensive. My 3 balls of colinette mercury + 1 hank of brushed mohair worked out to over 25 pounds per scarf but the recipients love it… can it it cheaper with other yarns though

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