Re: The Dressing Gown of My Discontent

In response to the Jen portion of JenLa and her search for the Knitting Muse, found here:

Dear Jeni Fleur,

Well, I also have found myself lacking inspiration at times. Writers call this ‘blocked.’ I know just about any type of artist can be blocked; same as lack enthusiasm, inspiration, muse or whatever you’d like to call it. For me, at least the last time I experienced such a problem, I was able to unblock by finishing u.f.o.’s. Also, I visited a local art museum, listened to Ella Fitzgerald, went on a photography journey and photographed (w/my ancient digital camera) anything I found interesting or lovely. Theses type of exercise are what Julia Cameron would call “filling the well,” and I have found it to be most helpful. I agree with her that art is derived from a combination of images, smells, touch, and sound. To experience the beauty of these things can fill our “well” of inspriation and so bring new life to our art, whatever that may be. In my case, my art is knitting. The book I have refered to here is called “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron, an excellent read. I wish you luck on your journey. May the knitting muse find you again:)


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