Halcyon Yarn

Just got my Halcyon Yarn Catalogue today and what a joy! I love all of my yarn catalogs, but this one is a visual treat. You can see it for yourself, here. Also, there is a review of their yarn shop at Knitter’s Review. All I did was call, and they sent it out to me, free of charge. Very nice people:)
The shop is in Bath, Maine. They sell yarn for knitting, weaving and spinning supplies. They also had some nice patterns I have not seen before and some interesting yarns. For example, they carry a sock yarn called Step. It is treated with aloe vera and jojoba oils for your feet, and it lasts 40 washings! They also have a unique offering called ‘yarn store in a box,’ filled with sample cards and yarn info along with a $10 Gift Certificate toward your first purchase of $60 or more. Enjoy:)

( I know, I know….I’m an enabler!)


2 thoughts on “Halcyon Yarn

  1. Awww… thanks for sharing the link! I just had a look at their patterns and yummy, there’s some delicious stuff there! I heard about this sock yarn with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil before but never got round to actually finding it in a store – now, this must be something totally luxurious, imagine how our feet would love that! 😉 Have fun with looking through the catalog – and with ordering! 😉

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