Extreme Skooter

May it never be said that my skateboard dude, Ian, is not “the extreme.” Checkout the chair skooter he rigged up. Works, too…it only started to wobble after the road flattened out and the skooter slowed to under 30 mph. After that, the contraption hit our parked Buick and Ian ended-up on his hiney.
Our hispanic neighbors don’t speak english and rarely say anything to us other than to wave. Appearently, slapstick is universal, because when Ian began to wobble and veered into the car, all of them, sitting at their yard table, fell out laughing. Emma has the coolest bro ever!

3 thoughts on “Extreme Skooter

  1. Hi! Love the scooter! What fun.
    You are on my Rhinebeck Bingo card so I am over here checking you out. I am really enjoying your blog. I noticed in your sidebar you have Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. Plant Delights is one of my favorite nurseries. You are lucky to live so close to it. My sister lives in Durham, and every time I visit her I try to fit in a trip. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure I bought the Toad Lily that is in my most recent post there!
    Looking forward to spotting you at Rhinebeck!

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