Ian’s Gift

Here’s a pic of Ian wearing the fingerless gloves I made
for him for his birthday. They were a big hit, so now I
have been commisioned to make a pair for Will and Hal…oh yeah, and my sister, Becky. I think that’s it. They knit up pretty quickly, (I made Ian’s in a couple of hours) so I don’t think I’ll have any problem knitting a pair each for those three. The yarn is Red Heart Supersaver; knit up very nicely.

Speaking of yarns, the yarn for DH’s socks, posted below, is my favorite sock yarn, Lana Grosse Meilenweit. (100 gram ball) To me, the colors are the best! Sorry for the earlier omission.

Are you sure that’s your homework, young man?! By the way, the dog in the closeup is my sweetie, Zoe. She’s 100% mutt, but a great dog!Posted by Picasa

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