Fall Sunday

Today is Sunday and is for sharing. Found some beautiful pictures of the Austrian Alps at Dipsy Doodle’s blog. She lives in Insbrook, I believe, and often posts some wonderful pictures of downtown and the Austrian countryside. Sometimes she has a tendency to go on and on about Hockey, but you can overlook that!;-> (just kidding, dipsy)

I have nearly finished the ‘Cabled Newsboy’ for my son, Ian. He’s 16 and a skateboardin’ dude. He’ll have his 17th birthday tuesday, September 12, but he, being ‘the dude,’ is extremely difficult to knit for. I am hoping this will go over well. This is a picture of what it will look like.(making his red) The pattern is from ‘Stitch-N-Bitch Nation,’ by Debbie Stoller.
Thought he would like some fingerless gloves, also, so I’ll give some of those a go as well. Found this one at Knitty. What do you think? I’d appreciate any other ideas for possible christmas gifts for this guy. He’s my bud. ——–>

Will be using the new ‘Shimmer’ yarn in a Knit Picks Shawl pattern with Melissa. She and I are both new to lace and figure we will help one another with the same pattern and yarn. She is using ‘Shimmer’ also, but in the ‘Happy Dance’ colorway. You guys need to pray on the heavy side for me. I can imagine myself ripping several times before I get this right….yikes!


4 thoughts on “Fall Sunday

  1. I’m thinking of trying that “knucks” pattern also, with the turqoise yarn I also used for the “best friend” bag. That shawl looks gorgeous! Must someday learn to knit lace.

  2. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the pics of our hike – thank you! 😉
    Wow, your skateboardin’ dude is absolutely cool, I so love his hair! The “Cabled Newsboy” looks totally amazing, I can so well imagine it in red, perfect for his gorgeous hair! And the fingerless gloves you picked for him rock big time too, I’m sure he’s going to love them!
    How about this page:
    There might be some goodies your dude would really love, what do you think?

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