Distractions From Knitting

Sorry to have kept myself from you all for so long, but work is work and I have had plenty of it this week. My new job involves merchandizing magazines…taking down the old ones, and putting up the new issues. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Doesn’t sound like that would take very long, either, does it? Wrong, wrong, so wrong….

Anyhoo, I have been knitting, nonetheless. Oh! ! On top of my working and obvious child rearing and chore-doing activity, my 20-year old daughter decided she was going to babysit this for the neighbors:

Now, I know this little bitty critter is beyond cute, but he requires lots of attention plus, his running underfoot of a 5 and 8 yr old is extremely dangerous for him, so I have my hands full. (I do admit to enjoying hearing him purr when he curls-up under my hair for a nap). Honestly, this kitten is way too little to be away from his mommy and is currently being bottle-fed. He is strong, though and I believe he will be just fine.

I did catch him, though, in too close proximity to my yarn bag…..

(I’m not getting into your yarn…I swear! )

I love this little bugger!


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