A Shawl is Born

Once upon a time, there was a sweater. It was a lovely shade of moss green with a tempting and form fitting 3×2 rib. The length of it was perfection and it came with a tie belt and buttons. The sweater also had deep pockets and was by all accounts, the favorite of its owner, a knitter. She wore it most days in the winter and on certain days in the summer when she was in the A/C for too long. She loved the sweater, carefully hand-washing it and laying it out on a towel to dry, that it might always be sweet smelling and soft.

Then, one day, a new shawl entered the family. It was store bought, a gift, but very functional. It was light-weight and also had pockets. It was machine washable, easy to take on and off, and the owner sometimes wore it out places without realizing she still had it on. She was surprised at how useful the shawl had become to her. So, she being a knitting genious, began to think of knitting one for herself.

Later that week, while cleaning a closet and coming upon a portion of her stash, the knitter pulled out the most beautiful jewel-red colored yarn she remembered buying at an unlikely place. “Hmmm….” she thought. “This is the same type of yarn my favorite sweater is knit in….It’s in a 3×2 rib, which I love. Maybe I could knit a shawl this way. ” So she cast-on a swatch on her 10 1/2 needles. But, they were too small. So she tried the size 17 needles, but those were too big. Finally, she tried her size 15 needles made of bamboo. They were just right. And the fabulous knitter and her ever-progressing creation, lived happily ever after. (that’s assuming she finished the shawl)
The End

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