Hello From Paradise!

Sorry no pics yet. Could not make sissy’s camera work…I won’t bore you with the details, it just ain’t happenin’. But, I did want to tell you that I have been able to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. Us girls are all supposed to visit Phootsy’s Yarn Cottage in Jacksonville some time this week. For all of you in Chapel Hill, that’s about 30 miles from Topsail Island, where we are staying. Spoke to the owner on the phone. Didn’t get her name, but she is definitely a sister in yarn, ya’ll. I’ll be sure to take some pics and post them all next week. Going to make Paula Deen’s Granite Steps Country Blueberry Coffee Cake. (Maybe I’ll try the Oyster Skillet..not sure.) Anyhoo, ya’ll have a great week and I’ll get back to you with pics sometime soon!

Y’all go with me,


2 thoughts on “Hello From Paradise!

  1. Gosh, it sounds as if you’re having such a fantastic time, and you certainly deserve it! If I could, I’ll jump into the next plane and come over and join the fun! Can’t wait to see heaps of pics when your camera’s working again! Enjoy yourself!

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