Severe Weather Warning

A major storm warning has been issued for the County of Wake in the City of Raleigh, N.C. Hurricane force winds threaten to gust through the Capital city, clean up to Canada. Yes, redneck hockey continues here in Raleigh with game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight at the RBC center. The foghorn is ready and ‘Canes fans are looking forward to the game and the end of an exciting hockey season for the Carolina Hurricanes. At last reports there are but a few standing- room-only tickets available. Go Canes!!

On the knitting front, the Father’s Day Sock project turned into a fiasco. First, the sock for my Hubby turned out too short, by about one inch. Of course, I thought I could eyeball them and I was wrong. I’ll only do this a few more times before I decide I don’t have a good eye for length and maybe I had better measure foot and knit sock accordingly. Second, I could not finish the pair of socks for my Dad. The one that I did finish, fit perfectly.(I measured for that one, by the way) but I had only one that I could show him and had to take that back so that I could finish the other equally(I’m taking no more chances, here) so I feel like I really didn’t give him much more than a hug and my love. Thirdly, and best of all, the Regia Color Cotton I ordered to complete hubby’sdaughter’s socks, came in today. Great. Today, I am not exactly a glass-is-half-full kind of person, so my guess is that the yarn will end up being the wrong color.

So, I’ll continue my sock knitting during tonight’s game. DH will get to pick a new yarn for his socks (small consolation) and I am *hoping* that my Dad will get his socks by Wednesday. Best of luck to me and the Canes.

Ya’ll go with me….

4 thoughts on “Severe Weather Warning

  1. Blogger inadvertantly published today’s post twice. When I deleted one of them, I accidentally deleted a comment from Melissa of http://littlempknits.blogspot.com.
    Here it is:

    “You could always frog hubby’s sock back and then make the toe a solid color or if you have more yarn of the same left, go with that.
    I left nothing to chance on my dad’s socks and used the Sensational Knitted Socks chart (great book if you don’t have it!) and went most conservative on that.
    I bet the socks looked great though. Here’s to hoping that your daughter’s socks go smoothly. “

  2. Go Canes! Although I tell you, when I first saw the image with the post – I thought now how did I not know taht was coming!

  3. Congrats to the Canes! What a game they did, what a finals series they did – yep, the best team won, that’s for sure! I bet there’s a heap of celebrating going on in Raleigh still? Right on 🙂
    It seems it wasn’t exactly your day when you posted – I sure hope the glass is half full again by now! Good luck with the socks!

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