Socks Soar

Just ordered Cat Bordhi’s book “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles.” Appearently, there is not a copy to be found in all of Raleigh or Cary. So, I ordered it from Quail Ridge Books. I have to admit that I have avoided Cat Bordhi for some time. I mean, have you seen the needle quiver…”Magical Moebius Needle Quiver…” Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it? But, boy, that thing is a yarn, waddy, messing thing waiting to happen, I’m sure of it.

Yet, whenever I have read (in the blogosphere, of course) anything written about Ms. Bordhi’s patterns, they have been complementary; most recently, here and here.

So maybe this book can get me over my fear of Cat Bordhi patterns. I am hoping to find her the genius everyone seems to think she is.

3 thoughts on “Socks Soar

  1. I have this book. I’m in Raleigh and had to order it on amazon. I really just ordered the book to learn how to knit on two circular needles. There are probably a couple patterns I will try though. Good Luck! I really like the Sensation Knitted Sock book.

  2. Ang — I have made two moebius scarves from Cat’s book, Hmmm, I think it’s “Treasury of Magical Knitting”. Sorry, too lazy to walk to other room to check. The cast-on is not too hard, it is the same in fact as one kind of provisional cast-on. Getting the tension of the cast-on right is something I haven’t mastered — first was too tight, second too loose. I need to do two more for Xmas, maybe by then I’ll have it right.

  3. Thanks for your help with those buttons! I nearly stole yours for KIP, but it actually links to Crazy Aunt Purl’s site, did you know? I might steal it anyway —

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