Please Excuse the Chaos!

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know this is the 2nd time I’ve changed templates, but, I figured, since everything else is helter-skelter in my life, why shouldn’t my blog be? Seriously, I wanted a template with a background so that I could change it (once I figure out how to do that). I have a lovely one found here. Anyone who has a clue, please give me one!;->

As for knitting, I am finishing Baby Bolero today, I am. And then it is on to Father’s Day socks. What’s that you say? You mean, I didn’t tell you about the two, count-em, two pairs of socks I’m knitting for my Dad and DH for Father’s Day? I really do make trouble for myself, don’t I? What’s that you say about do the same thing, get the same result? I didn’t quite get that….

Anyhoo, I think that things are slowing down a bit, now. Emma’s preschool is done for the summer and Sam and Ian are gearing up for exams. Still no word on the movie roll for Sam.
Hope we hear something soon. He did finish shooting Southern Gothic. He had a blast and made some new friends. It’s very satisfying to have one of your children find their niche in life. Sam has worked very hard and I am proud of him for that. William (my 8 yr old) informed me last night that he thinks he can be both a soccer goalie and a clay artist, because when he isn’t playing soccer he can just work on his clay creations. Go, William!

Well, I better get on to Baby Bolero. Don’t think it’ll take too long…I just have the sleeves and edging to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!:)