Pass the Jack, please…..

I’ve been knitting my little heart out over the last few weeks in between periods of sheer chaos at my house. My youngest daughter graduated preschool, my oldest met with the Marine Corps at our house, my 18 yr old was back and forth between Raleigh, Charlotte and Wadesboro shooting his first film, “Southern Gothic,” (no website yet so no link) and I found myself wandering around Wilmington not knowing where the hell I was supposed to be.(Don’t ask) The next few weeks aren’t looking any less dysfunctional, either, by the way. Sam’s Graduation and Emma’s 5th birthday are on the same. day. Sheesh! (Emma is convinced that she is already 5 and cries tears every time William reminds her she is still 4. Which he does often, of course , because he’s 8. Fun.)

I am thinking of putting my head in a vice just to relieve some of the pressure.

But… my knitting does continue, despite all the hand wringing and cussing on my part and, miracle of miracles, I continue to enjoy it. Go figure. I can’t say this for much else in my life, save maybe the Jack Daniels under the sink. That’s losing it’s charm as well since I’m too poor at the moment to buy more and am not yet willing to prostitute myself for the funds.

So, please send happy thoughts my way as often as possible, and maybe a lovely sky or two, Sandy. I am going to need all the help I can get.