Sock and Sam

Well, the 2nd Mother’s Day sock was completed and my mother was thrilled with the pair! Here’s wishing all of you Mom’s out there the best for this Mother’s Day!
Wanted to let you all know that Sam’s audition went well. He met the writer and director for this film and let them know how much he wanted the part. We shall see. There is often other criteria than talent for parts like these. We are hoping for the best!
I am now working on Sonnet for our KAL and the Baby Balero from One Skein. Also, I am looking into working as a Unpaid Claims Specialist. Anyone out there in the blogosphere working with Medical Insurance? I figure that I can take only as much work as I can do, what with Hal (DH) being sick, and all. (Also, may allow xtra knitting time;->Hope springs eternal….)

Have a great Day!


One thought on “Sock and Sam

  1. Just read your post about the change jar – I’ve done this for years and through my own pocket change and found coins, I usually have over $300 per year! I tell you, I have found lots of coins on the ground (I live in NYC). michele – hellokitty_31155@yahoo.com

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