Warsh Rag Deluxe!

Here is a lovely dish rag I am knitting from the Peaches and Creme yarn label. Love this pattern! Once you go through all the steps once, you can repeat the pattern over and over without referencing the pattern and there are lots of possible variations. You have to love the cost of this cotton yarn, too…. $1.27 at my local Wal-Mart. This one is done on a size 8 needle with a different yarn, TLC Cotton Plus in Sage and White. I believe you can also find this pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting.

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3 thoughts on “Warsh Rag Deluxe!

  1. Oh what a beautiful “warsh” rag! I like the socks too!

    I got the background by choosing a template that has a background then changing it. I have used this tutorial to help me figure some of it out: http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp
    I’ll try to help if you need it. I have messed my site up so many times and gotten back out of it the long way, but got out just the same! lol

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