One, two, three, knit, two, three….

Mother’s Day Sock complete and the other one is on the needles…no sweat. I figure if I knit every minute of every day from now ’til Sunday, I should have no trouble finishing the second one. Wouldn’t you agree?

Wish me luck! Seriously, any input on how long it should take me to knit one sock using fingering sock yarn w/64 sts. at cast-on and 9 sts./inch? (I can’t believe you actually think that I would keep up with my actual knitting time while knitting the first one…I mean, who do you think I am? ) Don’t answer that!

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2 thoughts on “One, two, three, knit, two, three….

  1. Great sock! I actually have yet to knit a sock with a heel, but I have some yarn, so I’m ready to tackle that (after I finish the 3 projects I have going now!). What kind of heel do you like on your socks?

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