Kelly Update: Doll still MIA

Well, I made it out of Katie’s room alive but a little ill. Kelly was nowhere to be found.
I have decided that the surest way to find this doll, and those of you who have children know from experience that this is true, is to knit another one. A little known tenet of Murphy’s Law states that when a cherished object is lost, be it a pacifier, a blanket, a favorite teddy bear, or, in this case, a knitted doll, the object will only be found after said object has been replaced at significant cost, trouble, and tears. So, I need to knit another doll. It is already on the needles. I think this one, though, should be a little different than Kelly. For example, maybe she could have blond hair and green eyes. That way, when Kelly inexplicably shows up a few days from now, she’ll have a friend waiting.

Gotta go. I have alot of utensils to wash and I gotta find a place for all these tape measures….