Looking Up

Well, I’ve had a pretty good week so far. My husband’s MRI last week came up clean – no tumor. Thanks for all the prayers! Also, I have been keeping busy with my knitting, working on a ‘Rastafarean’ (did I spell that right?) beanie for my skateboard dude son, and a chenile vest for myself. Just an FYI, I found plastic circular needles at Joann similar to the Susan Bates, for $1.99 a piece. There is no length info on the label (a clue as to why they are so inexpensive) but I picked up sizes I did not have. I’ll get back to you on how well they work. ( They all are 29″, by the way. )
Also, I am knitting a lovely tank top for my 4 yr old using Cascade Yarn’s Fixation. Thought of knitting the top and straps of top in ribbon yarn, but I am unsure as to whether this will be do-able since the Fixation is more of a sport weight yarn and the ribbon is considered more of a chunky weight. Please post a comment if you think this will/ won’t work. Will post pic when Blogger’s upload feature is back up.
Have a great day!