F-O-C-U-S (n): The concentration of attention or energy on something

Well, fellow Olympians, here is the promised picture of my progress so far on the Fair Isle Bag I am knitting for the 2006 Kitting Olympics. (as of yesterday evening at approximately 10:00 P.M.)


I have finished 41 of 78 rows and will continue working tonight. I think it looks pretty nice considering I used the wool yarn I had on hand rather than going out and buying the exact colors called for in the pattern. The green I used is actually supposed to be more of a greenish blue, but it looks okay, I guess. According to yarnharlots olympic ticker, we have 4days, 22 hours, 35 minutes and 25 seconds to go before the flame goes out. Therefore, since I have 37 rows to complete, I need to knit at least 12.5 rows per day which will leave me one day for finishing and felting said item. Whew! Wish me luck!