I am lying on the couch in my living room at about 12:40 on Wednesday morning. My daughter is stomping off to bed because I have set up sleeping quarters on the couch in order to keep her from staying up all night watching television (digital cable has become a curse). As I huddle my cold feet under the blanket, I ask Katie to check the thermostat and turn up the heat. She says 66 degrees but slinks into her room and shuts the door. So I grumble and get up from the couch and my blanket and make my way down the hall toward the thermostat, but I am sidetracked by the sight of my laptop which I haven’t touched since Monday and I have just remembered that I am supposed to email some ladies in my knitting group about tonights meeting. So, I sit down and turn the thing on.
“What are you doing ?” my husband says from his perch on the large, warm, comfy, bed.
“Checking my email,” I say.
As I am looking for a reply from one of the knit ladies(because I can’t remember her email and I can find it in one of hers to me), I see a comment posted to my blog, so I moderate that and am thrilled to see that I have seventy hits for today. So, of course, I have to check the stats. Then I begin to feel guilty because I have not yet posted Olympic knitting pics yet, so I do that and remember my saintly coach, Sandy. I read her Ms. Grumpypants post and post a comment there. Then, I had to go to bloglines and read updates to my bloglist. The Yarnharlot made me laugh out loud which prompted my husband to ask, “What are you doing…I thought you were just checking email?” So I remember the church ladies, send their update, switch off the laptop, yawn, kiss hubby goodnight and make my way back to the couch. As I crawl under the blanket and feel the cold material on my legs, I realize I never turned up the heat.
Now I ask you, is it any wonder that I forgot to brush my teeth?