The day has dawned on the opening of the Olympic games! (the 2006 Knitting Olympics, that is). I have knitted my gauge swatch, organized the knitting bag with my Patton’s Classic Marino Wool that I will be using to knit my felted fair isle bag, along with all the appropriate notions, and researched my pattern and Fair Isle knitting to the best of my ability. I would like to officially recognize my self-appointed olympic coach, Sandy from Sandy’s Knitting. I hope this is okay with her because, if not for her, I would be sitting with my head in the toilet right now! So I am raising my toarch and ready to cast-on! To all of you out there on the US Olympic Team, as Sandy would say, “YOU can do it!” Knit On!!!!

P.S. If Grommitt can color knit, by golly, so can I!!!

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  1. I’m honored! 🙂
    Now, are you doing your stretching exercises? Planning a spaghetti dinner??
    I’ll be watching the opening exercises tonight imagining the knitting teams!

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