The Knitting Diet

Knitting has recently been referred to as the ‘new yoga’, a wonderful, calming and fulfilling activity that can lower stress significantly. But I have also noticed since I began knitting, that it has built-in dieting potential! For example, you know that ‘just-one-more-row’ syndrome so many knitters are susceptible to? Why not ‘just-one-more-row’ ourselves when our snack cravings kick in? Just keep knitting. Become one with the yarn and concentrate on putting a little of yourself into each stitch that you knit. Meditate. I have found that, when I practice this, the hunger pangs and cravings pass and I have gotten much more from my knitting than I ever dreamed possible. I lost weight. If my hands are busy with my knitting, I can’t use them to put food into my mouth and I honestly believe that I am satisfying that which I am truly craving with the work of my hands. There is honest self-fulfillment in knitting which cannot be achieved with food. A switched addiction? Maybe, but a healthier one, to be sure!

As for me, I will be held in servitude to the God of knitting-for just one more row!